Silicon Valley 2022

27-28 April


Silicon Valley

United States

Grand Bay Hotel San Francisco

223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City


Your customers want to speak to the world, and their standards and expectations are high. At XTM LIVE 2022, localization industry leaders will share their thoughts on how to meet and exceed those expectations. Join us in the Zone.

Wednesday, April 27 Thursday, April 28
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Welcome to XTM LIVE Silicon Valley

Bob Willans

XTM International

Bob Willans picture

Bob Willans XTM International

Bob is CEO of XTM International Ltd which he co-founded in 2002. He graduated from Cambridge University and has had a varied career, working in South America and as a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry. Building on his experience in the localization industry, he enjoys the varied challenges of growing the company and creating market-leading translation management software.

9:00 AM 9:30 AM

All Tomorrow's Voices | How AI in language technology will empower human communication.

Richard Yonck • Keynote Speaker


Richard Yonck picture

Richard Yonck Keynote Speaker

Global futurist, author and speaker Richard Yonck identifies tomorrow's challenges and opportunities in order to help clients and audiences build their preferred futures. Author of two best-selling books on the future of AI, Heart of the Machine and Future Minds, he also writes frequently for major publications. Richard focuses on emerging trends and technologies and the changes these could bring.

9:40 AM 10:00 AM

Manufacturing 4.0: Enjoy the Ride - The next Industrial Revolution | Find out how Crown Equipment is digitizing localization.

Rocio Gray • Crown Equipment Corporation / Andreas Merz • Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG

Case Study

Rocio Gray picture

Rocio Gray Crown Equipment Corporation

Rocio Gray is a Localization Manager with Crown’s Global Content Management group. She graduated Translation and Interpreting from Universidad Europea de Madrid. After almost a decade at Crown and multiple positions within the company, Rocio is currently working together with the Translation and Terminology Specialists and other departments at Crown to ensure that Crown localization needs are being met.

Andreas Merz picture

Andreas Merz Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG

Andreas Merz has more than 12 years of experience in the translation industry. Having managed thousands of translation projects for various companies, he firmly believes that the key to success in localization lies in finding the "sweet spot" between automation and human intervention. He is enthusiastic and passionate about creating transparent and seamless translation processes.

10:05 AM 10:25 AM

Don’t Wait for the Future, Create the Future | Sharing our product roadmap with XTM users makes them partners in the future of language technology.

Sara Basile • XTM International

XTM Language Technology Session

Sara Basile picture

Sara Basile XTM International

Sara Basile is the Product Manager at XTM International. She holds an MA in Technical Translation and Conference Interpreting and has been in the localization industry for almost 10 years as Project Manager, Linguist and Program Manager at global enterprises. After 3 years as XTM Administrator on client side, Sara joined XTM in 2020 as Product Manager. Since then she has worked very closely with all XTM teams and customers to make sure XTM keeps its competitive edge through a successful roadmap.

10:30 AM 11:00 AM

Coffee & Networking Break

11:00 AM 11:20 AM

Staying On Track in a Changing World | How organisations are adapting localization strategies to shape their global growth.

Sergey Parievsky • Juniper Networks / Talia Baruch • GlobalSaké/ Yasmin Vanya • Sony Playstation John Herzig • XTM International

Thought Leadership Panel Discussion

Sergey Parievsky picture

Sergey Parievsky Juniper Networks

Sergey Parievsky is the Head of Globalization at Juniper Networks where he oversees globalization strategy and operations for the entire company. Sergey has worked on globalization initiatives, on both the vendor and client side, for almost 3 decades. Prior to joining Juniper Networks, he held globalization leadership positions at several Silicon Valley companies, most recently Cisco Systems, Zynga, and VMware. Originally from Ukraine.

Talia Baruch picture

Talia Baruch GlobalSaké

Talia is a Global Growth Executive, Cofounder CEO at GlobalSaké, working cross-functionally to make products make sense in the multicultural marketplace. She has 20 years’ experience leading international expansion in Product & Growth Marketing at Google, LinkedIn, and SurveyMonkey, and is a localization and internationalization expert.

Yasmin Vanya picture

Yasmin Vanya Sony Playstation

Yasmin Ismail Vanya joined Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) (PlayStation) in 2011 and is the Senior Manager (Localization) since 2014. She is responsible for managing localization of user interfaces for All PlayStation Products - PS4, PS3, PS VITA, PSVR and recently PS5 and services. Prior to that Yasmin worked at Magnicode (an app development start-up) and a long tenure at Xilinx as localization engineering manager and senior software developer. She has MS Computer Science and MBA in Technology Management. She is a lifelong learner of languages and can speak Burmese, Japanese, Persian, Urdu, elementary Arabic.

John Herzig

John Herzig XTM International

John Herzig currently leads the North American Sales and Client Service team for XTM International. His career in localization spans nearly 20 years working on business development for the world's leading LSPs. His main area of interest is how technology can improve the localization process to help companies create, translate and publish global content at scale.

11:25 AM 11:45 AM

Bridging the GAP | How smart use of technology is helping an established brand to scale up and stay fresh.

Evelyn Yonhee Kim • Gap Inc. / Pascale Tremblay • Gap Inc.

Evelyn Yonhee Kim picture

Evelyn Yonhee Kim Gap Inc.

Evelyn works as a Language Technologies Manager at Gap, Inc., where she leads projects ranging from TMS integrations to MT applications. She also trains business partners and localization PMs on localization best practices. With her education and industry background both in computer science and localization management, Evelyn finds joy in bringing engineering solutions to linguistic challenges.

Rory Sampair picture

Pascale Tremblay Gap Inc.

Pascale Tremblay is the director of localization at Gap Inc. and leads the localization efforts for their global headquarters in San Francisco. The scope of her team includes supporting all functions for their 4 global brands: Athleta, Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic. Pascale has over 20 years of experience building localization programs in various industries, such as software, solar and retail.

11:50 AM 12:10 PM

Agile, not Fragile – Future-proof yourself with Business Agility | When an agile framework anchors good practice, digital agility opens the door to long-term stability.

Yuka Kurihara • Scaled Agile, Inc.

Thought Leadership Session

Yuka Kurihara picture

Yuka Kurihara Scaled Agile, Inc.

Yuka Kurihara is Director of Globalization Services at Scaled Agile, Inc. She has 20+ years of experience building corporate globalization strategies and leading localization technology and operations in enterprises of all sizes. Yuka has in-depth knowledge of localizing software, hardware, and e-commerce products as well as marketing, training, legal, and HR content in over 120 language pairs.

12:15 PM 1:15 PM

Lunch Break

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Gold In Your Pockets | Two tech leaders are uniting to deliver AI-enhanced TM, converting partial machine translations into complete language assets. It’s like finding gold in your pockets that you didn’t know was there.

Ken Behan • SYSTRAN / Ronald Egle • Ariel Corporation / Bob Willans • XTM International

Ken Behan picture


Ken Behan is the VP of Sales and Marketing where he leads SYSTRAN’s Americas sales team to help companies grow profitably whilst overcoming the language barrier of global commerce. He is a proud Irishman, 4th generation Dublin’s, and passionate about the mighty Leeds United.

HRon Egle picture

Ronald Egle Ariel Corporation

Ronald Egle is the Content Systems Administrator at Ariel Corporation, headquartered in Mount Vernon, Ohio. He is responsible for identifying workable solutions and maximizing results across the enterprise with touchpoints to enhance the company’s communications, technical documentation, and translation initiatives through digital experiences. He is a technologist passionate about creating intelligent content using emerging technologies to deliver rich customer experiences.

Bob Willans picture

Bob Willans XTM International

Bob is CEO of XTM International Ltd which he co-founded in 2002. He graduated from Cambridge University and has had a varied career, working in South America and as a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry. Building on his experience in the localization industry, he enjoys the varied challenges of growing the company and creating market-leading translation management software.

1:40 PM 2:00 PM

Big Data Visualization 2.0 | Picture-perfect decision making

Joel Sahleen • Domo, Inc. / Alex Zekakis • XTM International

Thought Leadership Session

Joel Sahleen picture

Joel Sahleen Domo, Inc.

Joel Sahleen is the Director of International Engineering and Principal International Engineer at Domo, Inc. He specializes in the internationalization of large-scale, software-as-a-service applications, and the development of continuous, data-driven localization systems.

Alex Zekakis picture

Alex Zekakis XTM International

Alex has been in the localization industry for almost ten years now and started off as a localization project manager on the vendor side, on which side he remained until recently. After a few years in the industry he moved onto different roles, initially leading production teams and then started focusing on delivering solutions. He currently holds the role of Director of Support Services at XTM International.

2:05 PM 2:25 PM

Machine Translation ROI – What Winning Looks Like | Find out how to translate more content, faster, in more languages, while supporting more departments, use cases, and users.

Carrie Fischer • Subway / Mark Hjerpe • Intento / Rory Sampair • XTM International

Case Study

Rocio Gray picture

Carrie Fischer Subway

Carrie Fischer is the Globalization Services Manager at Subway, headquartered in Milford, CT. She is responsible for all globalization-related strategies for the company. She has over 28 years of localization experience in various industries such as software, digital and retail. She is also a member of the Board of Directors at Women in Localization and a mentor.

Rafał Jaworski picture

Mark Hjerpe Intento

Over the past 20 years, Mark has been driving growth for technology companies through proven complex revenue methodologies built on the foundation of creating customer value. He's lived, worked, and led teams in Latin America, Asia, and Europe, always dedicated to helping global companies achieve their business goals through smart technology implementation.

Rory Sampair picture

Rory Sampair XTM International

Rory Sampair, an XTM Xpert for XTM International, has over seven years’ experience in localization Project Management and Solutions Architecture coming from leading language service providers Sajan and AMPLEXOR. At XTM, Rory collaborates with clients throughout the onboarding process to formulate bespoke solutions for effectively attaining client goals and key performance indicators.

2:30 PM 2:50 PM

Localization and Reputation | How a translation management system can help an enterprise to manage and protect its brand

Cole Wilson • Caterpillar Inc.

Thought Leadership Session

Cole Wilson picture

Cole Wilson Caterpillar Inc.

With over 10 years of experience in the localization industry, Cole has been integral in developing and deploying internationalization technologies, strategy, and enabling processes. As team lead for Caterpillar’s translation services team, Cole’s proven record of success have helped to distinguish him as an expert across the enterprise as well as business partners and peers.

2:55 PM 3:25 PM

Coffee & Networking Break

3:25 PM 3:45 PM

From Expressway to Freeway | How personalised tooling can enhance connectivity and create a single, uninterrupted workflow between systems.

Lance Zielinski • Unity Technologies / John Weisgerber • XTM International

Case Study

Lance Zielinski picture

Lance Zielinski Unity Technologies

Lance is Manager of Global Localization at Unity Technologies. He has been working on Unity’s localization needs since 2016, starting with courseware and certifications. The localization team has scaled from a single scoped project with one PM to company-wide support with a full team of PM’s and engineers. Unity’s partnership with XTM has scaled their business needs to ensure continued growth and success in the international market.

John Weisgerber picture

John Weisgerber XTM International

John Weisgerber is a battle-scarred veteran of countless localization campaigns. For over 20 years he has earned first-hand experience in almost every possible role: freelance translator, localization project manager for both translation service providers and global enterprises such as HP, operations manager, and machine translation developer.

3:50 PM 4:10 PM

Your Own Private Metaverse | There's a new way of resolving NLP AI information overload and turning data into gold.

Rafał Jaworski XTM International

XTM Language Technology Session

Rafał Jaworski picture

Rafał Jaworski XTM International

Rafał Jaworski, PhD, works as Linguistic AI Expert at XTM International. He is an academic lecturer and scientist specializing in natural language processing techniques. He develops robust AI algorithms for the needs of computer assisted translation. These include, among others, automatic lookup of linguistic resources and automatic post editing. At XTM International he leads a team of young and talented AI specialists who put his visions and ideas into practice.

4:15 PM 4:35 PM

Translation At The Speed Of Now | Software localization that's at pace with continuous development.

Henk Boxma • / Andrzej Nedoma • XTRF / Dave Ruane • XTM International

Thought Leadership Panel Discussion

Henk Boxma picture

Henk Boxma

As principal internationalization and localization architect Henk Boxma is an expert in the localization industry. His mission is to simplify and enhance software localization for all stakeholders. As founder and CEO of he has taken a big step towards this goal by offering dynamic visual context for translators. Many blue chip companies already use to streamline overall localization processes.

Alex Zekakis picture

Andrzej Nedoma XTRF

Andrzej Nedoma is XTRF’s Co-founder and former CEO. After selling XTRF to K1 Investment Management, he remains actively involved in the company as XTRF Board Advisor. A self-made language industry icon, he was also a shareholder and managing director of a leading European translation firm, LIDO-LANG Technical Translations. Today Andrzej also supports other businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide as their Business Advisor.

Dave Ruane

Dave Ruane XTM International

Dave Ruane works as Digital Content and Partnership Manager at XTM International. He has been in the localization industry since the mid-nineties. Current interests include continuous localization, content marketing, and simplification in localization. He regularly speaks at industry events, and is co-founder of the Process Innovation Challenge; a platform for show-casing innovation in localization.

4:40 PM 5:00 PM

Kick-starting the Global Engine | The rules of Multilingual Search Engine Optimization have changed. Learn how balancing expertise, authority and trust can still make you a winner.

Alessandra Binazzi • Alessandra Binazzi Consulting / Chris Raulf • Boulder SEO Marketing

Thought Leadership Session

Alessandra Binezzi picture

Alessandra Binazzi Alessandra Binazzi Consulting

Alessandra Binazzi is a multi-lingual professional with a surprisingly varied experience and one common thread: International markets and customers. Proficient in all major European languages, Alessandra has dedicated her professional life to marketing, selling, supporting and educating customers in all continents. Alessandra Binazzi Consulting combines Alessandra's background in languages, technology and business to develop globalization strategies tailored to the needs of organizations in a growth stage.

Chris Raulf picture

Chris Raulf Boulder SEO Marketing

Chris is the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a top-rated Denver, Boulder, and Los Angeles-based full-service SEO agency. He's an international keynote speaker and lecturer in online marketing for the University of Strasbourg, France. Chris and his team assist local, national, and international customers with their SEO, content marketing, and web design needs.

5:00 PM 5:15 PM

Review of Day One

Bob Willans

XTM International

Bob Willans picture

Bob Willans XTM International

Bob is CEO of XTM International Ltd which he co-founded in 2002. He graduated from Cambridge University and has had a varied career, working in South America and as a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry. Building on his experience in the localization industry, he enjoys the varied challenges of growing the company and creating market-leading translation management software.

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Getting Started: XTM Cloud at a Glance

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Getting Started: System Configurations

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Coffee & network

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Getting Started: System & Asset Management

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Getting Started: Project Management

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Getting Started: XTM Workbench

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Collaborative Exercise Part 1

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Collaborative Exercise Part 2

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Wrap-Up | Q&A

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Breakfast and registration

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Setting the Foundation & Case Intro

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CASE: System Configurations

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CASE: System & Asset Management

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Coffee & network

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CASE: Project Management

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CASE: XTM Workbench

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Mid-day Wrap-Up | Q&A

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Break-out sessions

Session 1: Advanced Review & LQA

Session 2: Advanced Back-End Operations

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Break-out sessions

Session 1: Advanced File Handling

Session 2: Connectors, Distinctions and Showcase

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Coffee & network

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Break-out sessions

Session 1: Advanced Project Management

Session 2: Mastering the REST API (up to 4:05 PM)

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Break-out sessions

Session 1: TM Alignment, Terminology Import/Mapping

Session 2: Mastering the REST API (continuation)

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Collaborative Exercise

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Wrap-Up | Q&A